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Benzie Conservation District

Benzie Conservation District

280 Benzie Boulevard, Beulah 49617, Michigan


The District?s purpose is to foster the best use of land for the present and future benefits of the community, based on the land?s capabilities and landowners goals.

General info
The District’s purpose is to foster the best use of land for the present and future benefits of the community, based on the land’s capabilities and landowners goals. Combating soil erosion, managing surface and groundwater quality and promoting the maintenance of the lands related resources and the aesthetic values are vital to the community’s long range economic well being, from food and timber production to natural resources related industries and tourism. To these ends, the District strives to be a “gateway” to resource management information and service providers, so that citizens may manage their lands for a healthier Benzie County. The Benzie Conservation District provides information and assistance for all your conservation and environmental concerns.?

The Benzie Conservation District was certified as a local unit of state government on June 15, 1944. It was organized by concerned landowners within Benzie County as a locally controlled resource management agency, under provisions of the Soil Conservation District Law, Act 297, P.A. 1937, as amended. This law is now part of the State Compiled Environmental Code, Part 93, Act 451 of 1994 as amended. Among it’s first directors were Allen Graham, Donald Gray, Ellsworth Esch, and Lloyd Nugent.

District activities include cooperation in implementing federal, state, and local government programs, as well as other independent programs, such as conservation awareness, farmland preservation, forestry, and wildlife habitat enhancement to name a few. The District is supported by appropriations and grants, which may be highly variable, depending on the economy and political emphasis.?

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